Return Policy

  1. We’ll make sure the order that is sent is in accordance with your order and we’ve packed it well before we send. When receiving a package, you are required to check the condition of the product.
  2. If the product received does not match the order or there is a production defect or damages (for any orders across Indonesia), or the product melts at the time of delivery (Bali area only), then the issue must be reported immediately to us so that the product can be exchanged for the same product.
  3. Defective products should be kept for inspection and for a possible return, with details of the damage with photo and/or video proof of the damage or issue when found.
  4. The cost of shipping/returning products not according to order or production defect to us is to be worn by the buyer, while the cost of sending a replacement product from us to you is to be worn by us.
  5. Product returns can only be done if the defected product/s is reported within 72 hours of arrival at the address of delivery. If the duration exceeds 72 hours, then the goods cannot be accepted for return.
  6. Notification of receipt of product not according to order or production defects we serve no later than 24 hours from your receipt of the product. If within the time limit there is no notification, then the product we send is deemed to have matched your order data and is not defective.
  7. We will send a replacement product to you as soon as we receive and verify the return of a nonconforming product or a production defect from you. Please include a description of the product (and product order number if possible) you sent back to us to make it easier for us to verify.
  8. If the replacement product stock is not available, we will send it after the stock is available again. If the replacement product is out of stock, you can exchange it for another product that costs the same (or the equivalent).
  9. Any Mason Chocolate product that is not purchased from one of our direct stores cannot be returned or exchange with us.